A Never Ending Story

That moment when it’s Stan Lee which makes it hilarious.



so my dog was reunited with his parents today


and his dad has provided me with the best reaction picture eVER


you think this is a game, son?

this post is 16 notes away from 70k what the fuck

This post though.

I wish Captain Jack would come back.


If you don’t like Monty Python you’re wrong


My favorite part is the way Cas says “I wasn’t gonna mention it” as though this is something he and Dean have specifically discussed before and they had agreed not to talk about it in front of Sam so as to not hurt his feelings and this is all Dean’s fault.

It honestly makes me laugh every time.



People shouldn’t assume parenting is more natural to women than men, these guys are the cutest.

How fucking adorable is this family… Just look at them

Seriously, one of my favorite couples in Hollywood.

Poe’s Law: That moment when a Fox Business commentator sounds just like a Disney villain.